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Family Law, Divorce & Parenting

When your family is at stake, the advice of a skilled lawyer is invaluable. For experienced, caring guidance Contact The Law Office of Susan F. Grammer, today. Since 1982 we have been helping families navigate through difficult family law issues. Our attorneys have the experience to successfully handle your family law concerns according to your wishes, goals and best interests.
If you are seeking custody for your children, we realize the fragility of this situation for you and your family. We are very compassionate when it comes to family law issues that include child support, custody, paternity and spousal support!

Lawyers Counseling You Through Divorce and Parenting

After entwining your life with that of another, the separation can be complicated and stressful. Based on your individual circumstances, you may need to consider issues like child support, child custody, visitation rights, future educational expenses, division of marital property and alimony/maintenance.
An accomplished family law attorney can ensure that you're considering all relevant future possibilities and that your interests are fully protected. Planning ahead today for all contingencies can help reduce future stress. Call us today to discuss your plans for divorce.

Handling Your Post-divorce Enforcement and Modification Needs

The finalization of your divorce may not mark the end of your interactions with your former spouse. You may have an ongoing relationship due to spousal support payments, child custody arrangements or child support requirements. The agreements you made upon separation may not be working today. Sometimes circumstances change. If you want to modify your original agreement or your spouse is failing to fulfill the terms of the agreement, we can help you.

Attorneys Guiding You Through the Adoption Process

We represent individuals in a wide variety of circumstances, including both birth parents who are seeking a loving home for their child, and individuals or couples seeking to adopt a child. We represent clients seeking stepparent adoptions and gay and lesbian couples seeking second-parent adoptions. Whatever your circumstances, we have the experience to assist you.



Adoption is often a cause for celebration among families. However, without the guidance of a knowledgeable adoption attorney, it could cause more heartache and stress than joy.
The Law Office of Susan F. Grammer, offer comprehensive legal services for individuals and couples in Illinois and Missouri wishing to add to their families through adoption including:
  • Married Couples Adoption
  • Same-Sex Couples Adoption
  • Domestic Partners Adoption
  • Grandparents Adoption
  • Step-Parents Adoption
  • Single Persons Adoption
  • Adult Adoptions
  • Out of State Couples seeking representation for birth parents in the St. Louis Metro and Metro East, Illinois area
Our law firm has decades of experience handling all aspects of adoption law, including:
  • Arranging provisions for open vs. closed adoption
  • Providing caring, knowledgeable counsel concerning termination of parental rights
  • Advising you on your rights and obligations as parents
  • Handling new birth certificates and name changes if needed
  • Drafting all necessary adoption legal documentation required.

Your Advocate in Related family or Step-parent Adoption

As family law attorneys, we offer comprehensive services in stepparent adoption, grandparent adoption and other related family adoption matters. In addition to negotiating and drafting all necessary documents, we work one-on-one with you on issues such as termination of parental rights, child custody modifications, child support issues and other concerns. We will walk you through each step in the process so you always know what to expect.

Experienced Services in Public and Private Adoption

Our East Alton adoption attorneys represent both adoptive couples and birth parents in private, and/or unrelated adoptions.

We have extensive experience working with public agencies and private adoption organizations on issues regarding termination of parental rights, home studies and birth parents selection of perceptive adoptive couples. Throughout the adoption process, we believe in promoting the continued well-being of the child, whether he or she is an older child or a new baby. We seek to create a comfortable and supportive atmosphere for families in our community involved in the complex process of adoption.

While our firm does not handle all aspects of international adoption, we are happy to represent adoptive couples throughout domestic adoption proceedings once a child has legally been brought to the United States.

Contact Our Skilled Family Law Attorneys Today

Whether you need a family law attorney to negotiate a divorce or arrange an adoption, contact The Law Office of Susan F. Grammer. With more than 30 years in practice, our firm has the experience to assist you with all of your legal needs. Call us today at (618) 259-2113 or fill out our intake form.